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Oldies But the Goodies

oldies but goodiesEvery person has their own perspective about anything, about something, about everything. We mean, who has none, right? But as we encounter life day by day, there will come a time that all we can say is nothing. This will lead us to seek ideas from others. We will think who are the best people we can come to in these times. Think, think, think. Who? “Others”?  But let us tell you this, why seek for “others” when we can have them from the “elders”! I can hear a finger snap from you! We have given you such a bright idea, right? This is the reason why we have come up of having this site.

This website will let you know what the elders have to say about interesting topics of the world. Name everything and you can find it here at Voices of the Elders! Read now, how our elders speak their thoughts and views!